1. Have you YouTubed the outcome of the implants…..when I watch those, they bring tears..EVERY TIME!!! The joy and excitement that lights up the faces of the recipients is priceless….even babies that hear their mommas for the first time.😃….
    My best advice is to work hard at focusing on the “will have and can do’s”, not the “cant’s and wont’s“….Still praying for a miracle…I have witnessed God open deaf ears right before my eyes….He loves Sawyer more than you ever could…HIS purpose will become clear…Trust.❤️

    Here’s a great “will have”…….He “will have” the two of you for parents!!😃

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  2. Love and adore him and everything WILL WORK OUT. Trust me. I do have a lot of experience raising my oldest son who was severely handicapped. Count your blessings. The only ones upset are you guys. He’s just fine. Technology keeps getting better. Your and his choices will change as time passes.

    Easy day guys

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