“Chandler and Jessica sitting in a tree (why does it have to be a tree?)
First comes loooove
Then comes marriage
Then comes baby in the baby carriage (technically it’s called a stroller….)”


16 weeks along to be exact! And it has not been an easy pregnancy thus far.

On Jan 5th, we made the happy discovery. A week later, I was in the ER for severe abdominal pain. An ultrasound was done, and a complex ovarian cyst measuring 9 cm was discovered. For the next several weeks we were “waiting and watching” the growth of the cyst. In early February, a second ovarian cyst ruptured causing me extreme pain for two weeks, which forced me to take some medical leave. I’m happy to say that as of four weeks ago, my 9 cm cyst had cleared up, was re-categorized as “simple” and it was measuring under 3 cm.

Morning sickness has been another challenge, I’ve had it pretty bad. I lost 20 lbs in the first trimester, and even to this day I’ve barely put 5 lbs back on. Dehydration has been my main struggle due to the sickness. But I have an excellent OB and an excellent husband who both see to it that I have the care and support that I need when I need it.

Anxiety levels have been off the charts. Sensory overload has been severe.

From the moment I heard his little heartbeat, I knew it was true love. I’d happily go through all of this for him without complaint.

A few days ago, I felt our little boy moving for the first time and all of the pain and discomfort I have been feeling was absolutely worth it all. I felt these little air bubbles tickling me from underneath my skin.

I love him so much that it makes me cry, a lot. I’ve never been so emotional before.

He makes his debut in September – We can’t wait!


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