Genetic Predisposition and Cures

Shyboy9999 on Reddit recently asked me this question:

“First of all, I want to say that I respect you and the nreurodiversty idea and I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I do have a question, because I want to understand better. (NT father of autistic son btw) My question is: there are many conditions that are genetically disposed yet we do try to cure them because we think it will benefit the lives of the ones effected by them. An extreme example would be CF, a closer example could be depression. Do you think we should not try and cure depression? If you think we should try and cure it, why do you think differently about ASD? Again, I want to make it absolutely clear: I am not here to troll, and I am just trying to understand, not to hurt anyone.”

This is a fantastic question, and I appreciate you taking the time to ask.

Yes, there are many conditions of the human body that are the result of a genetic predisposition. It’s what makes us and our bodies individually unique. But the genetic predisposition that I am referring to specifically is one that’s Neurological. The modifier responsible for Asperger and Sensory challenges is not one that I feel needs to be cured. Asperger Syndrome is a social development disorder. Sensory Processing Disorder is a sensory input disorder. Cystic Fibrosis is an illness that heavily impairs the quality of one’s life and duration of one’s life. My condition does not come with a countdown.

My condition does come with it’s fair share of challenges, but as I have learned in life, everyone has challenges. Some are biological, some are mental, some are familial, some are created just to produce drama.

I first came to embrace Neurodiversity when I began to realize that I was overcoming the limitations and milestones that my diagnosis said that I could never have. An education, a career, a marriage, children, a normal life, among other things.

I was non-verbal, but I learned to communicate. I struggled very much to focus in school due to environmental sensory challenges, and I completed my education. Despite my social disorder, I maintain a career in communications. I am married. I am pregnant with child. I am in all aspects of the word “thriving” despite the stigma that was placed on me while I was growing.

I don’t feel that I need to be cured, nor do I wish to change my life. I am happy, so why would I risk giving that up for a Neurotypical mind? Sensory overload and Asperger challenges aside, I have learned how to cope, how to function, how to thrive, learn and continuously grow. What labels me as “different” and “awkward” are the very things that make me excel in life. Should I be cured of that?

My condition can’t be compared to Cystic Fibrosis, which does deserve a cure. Along with many other conditions that kill (albeit the mind or the body). I do hope this answers your question.

Thank you for asking!

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