Sensory and Jewelry

Here is a question I was recently asked:

“Do you experience any sensory complications when it comes to jewelry?”

The short answer is yes. I do often experience sensory discomfort when it comes to jewelry.

Here’s the thing, I like girly things! I love dresses that are soft and flowy (like Baby’s dresses in Dirty Dancing). I love necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair accessories – things that compliment my clothing style and make me feel more grown up and ladylike. The simple truth is that because of my sensory disorder, it’s very difficult for me to select jewelry that provides me with those feeling of womanly maturity and beauty – that don’t also cause me to experience distraction or overload.

So, how do I select my jewelry?

The daintier, the better.

Necklaces – I avoid heavy or bulky necklaces that cause a noticeable amount of weight on my neck or chest when I wear it. If I can feel it when I move my head or quickly move around, then it’s a no. That necklace needs to be light as a feather, small, and not cause me to feel it or notice it unless if I’m running my fingers along the chain for stimulation.

Bracelets – this is the most challenging accessory for me. I haven’t had a bracelet in years. When selecting a bracelet, I look for flexibility that doesn’t cause any snap backs if I find myself fidgeting with it. A bracelet needs to sit snug on my wrist, such as a watch, only not as bulky, preferably in a simple silver or white gold. I keep my hands busy, so it can’t be loose and flapping around. If I’m constantly adjusting it, I’m going to fidget with it, and I have a long record of breaking bracelets when I begin to fidget with them.

Earrings – studs allllllll the way. Nothing can dangle. I have only ever selected diamond stud earrings for myself. They’re classy, and they go with everything. With that said, my ears are super sensitive to their weight, so I don’t often wear them unless I’m dolling up for a special occasion.

Rings – The simpler, the better. My wedding set is a single solitaire diamond on a white gold band with a diamond infinity ring to match. Before that, I wore a Claddagh ring. I have always stuck to white gold bands, or silver. Minimal, simple. Distraction free.

Again, my big rule is that nothing can dangle or make sound. I don’t do chains, zippers, dangles, bangles, or jewelry that I have to constantly adjust. I stick to white gold or silver (continuity mixed with affordability and quality).

Thanks for the question!


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