How did the Chicken cross the road?

My husband recently gave me his version of the “Why did the chicken cross the road” joke. Here’s how this conversation (and my simple thought process) went.

C:  I’ve gotta joke for you. It’s autistic friendly!

M:  Okay. Let’s hear it.

C:  How did the chicken cross the road?

M:  I believe this usually begin with “why.”

[Chandler face palms, and takes a deep breath].
C:  For this joke, it’s “How did the chicken cross the road?”

[‘Okay,’ I think to myself. ‘I’ll entertain this’.]
M:  Hmm… how?

C:  He crossed the road using the crosswalk, when the light signaled that he had the right of way.

[I laugh, that’s good! I like safety jokes!]
M:  Nice one!  Except, why would the chicken need to cross the road?  Also, it’s a bit unrealistic to think that the chicken is cle-

[Chandler cuts me off.]
C:  It’s a joke, don’t ruin it.  Just laugh.

[Oh, it’s rhetorical. No one cares about the rationalization of a chickens actual motives. That’s the main rule of sharing a joke, it’s not always rational. Sometimes, the humor is that it’s paradoxical. I will keep this, and save this to share with someone else.]


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