A Playlist for Anxiety

Music is very therapeutic for me, as it seems to be for most people. Music is also a tool that I use to help manage my anxiety and sensory processing when I’m having a hard time. I keep a playlist on my phone to play during these such times and have decided to share my top 5 played tracks with you.

I would love to hear what music you enjoy listening to. Please share your suggestions!

Clair de Lune (Debussy)

Op. 48: No. 2 in F-Sharp Minor (Frederic Chopin)

Aeris’s Theme (Final Fantasy VII)

The Cello Song – Bach (The Piano Guys)

Song from Pi (David MacDonald)

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Oh WOW. Great picks. I love piano music and listen to it mostly when meditating. I also was taught piano from age 5-10. I can definitely hear how you could become more relaxed and less anxious with these picks as musical favorites. I love the way some of the videos you provided show us the notes being played.

    I personally love all types of music. However, when I need to “shake it off” I veer towards music I can dance to. Lately, YouTube has provided me with some great 70’s and 80’s music, which I dance to right in my kitchen. Tamia also has a new song out called: “Leave it Smokin'” that I’m dancing around to, and Barry White is having his way with me of late as well. Tears For Fears are my go to boys for well orchestrated timeless tunes as well.

    My favorites to just listen to are: Carlos Nakai [Native Flute], Deva Premal [Zephyr], H20 [Dripping/Flowing Water], Crystal Singing Bowls, and Schumann’s Resonance [Piano].

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    1. I love watching videos that show the notes played as they happen! There’s just something captivating about it.

      I think the 70’s and 80’s put out some of the greatest music eveeeer! I hear ya!

      I”ll give a listen to your favorites! Thank you for the suggestions! ❤

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