The Bathroom Experiment

Women are interesting when it comes to their bathroom habits.

Most everyone I know is familiar with the joke that makes light on women who always go to the restroom in pairs. A buddy system as you will. Which to me makes some sense when you’re in a bustling environment, I suppose, safety in numbers.

However, I’ve observed that in a quieter environment, women will flush the toilet and wait to come out of the stall if there is someone else at the counter. They wait to emerge until after the other person has left.

I realized this after noticing that when I flush the toilet at work, if a coworker is in the restroom at the counter, she rushes out of the bathroom before I even open the stall door. So, today I decided to park myself at the counter when I wasn’t alone in the restroom, just to see how long it would take for the other woman to come out.

I did my business and went to the counter to wash my hands. I was drying my hands off when she flushed. So, I stayed and starting tidying up my hair and makeup.

A minute goes by, and she flushes again. I look down to the floor to observe her shadow and I’m able to calculate that she’s standing up. (No, she is not a transgender man). In the next 30 seconds she flushes the toilet a couple more times as if to say “I’m done. Girl, LEAVE!”

Over the next 5 minutes, I finish refreshing my updo (a bun), I wash my face and reapply some of my make up, and wash my hands once more. On cue, at the sound the paper towel rustling, I hear another flush.

All of these flushes were done standing up. There were no sounds made to give any indication that she had done anything new. And I’m positive that she was standing. I could see her shifting side to side on her feet, and I watched the shape of her feet as she did this.

Finally, I decide to give her a break and leave. There are two doors leaving the bathroom. As soon as I walk out the first door and it closes behind me – I hear the bathroom stall click as her door opens and the words “FINALLY.”

Why on earth would anyone let themselves become a hostage in the bathroom? Seriously, just get out and do your thing.

I’m curious about your thoughts on this matter. Are you the same way? Do you hold yourself hostage for privacy? What’s the deal?

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