Faith: A Logical Choice

Many people think that believing in God is illogical.  And while a lot of adults on the Spectrum would agree, you’d be surprised how often we choose to have faith regardless.

While the subject of Theology is something that’s always fascinated me, for the longest time I was unable to justify a belief in the notion of “faith” and “hope.”  It was not logical that faith and hope alone could miraculously cure a person of a terminal illness, or turn around a terrible financial situation.  What was logical to me was our choices, and making a decision to follow through because I believed that only a person could make their life better.  I believed that all we achieve is because of our actions and not because someone, somewhere, decided to randomly bless us.

But I was wrong.

I finally realized what people of faith had that I was missing.


A person of faith overcomes much of life’s trials and tribulations because they understand the importance of letting go, and letting life happen.  They live a life abandoned of shame, guilt, hurt, resentment, and a variety of other negative notions that take a physical toll on your body and soul.

The key ingredient for their success, their health and happiness, was simply choosing to be joyful and obedient to a code.

I finally adopted this method for myself and began experimenting with areas of my life that caused me discomfort.  I’d go in, dig down, and clean out the negative – replacing the space with reasons to be joyful.  Surprisingly, it actually worked.

Because I’m a person of “do or don’t,” and “it works or it doesn’t,” this changed a lot for me.  Usually, I was content to just let things be as they were, simply because that’s how it was.  But adopting joy into my life switched my mindset, and suddenly I was succeeding in areas that I had been previously failing.

I continued going to church after this, and immersed myself in the word of God – I put this notion of God to the test and challenged Him at every turn.  Things that should never have happened, happened.  The results couldn’t be explained, they were illogical.  The only logical conclusion, was the inexplicable one, that God is real.  And God makes good on every promise He makes in the Bible.

Finances?  Check.  I went from barely getting by every month, to having more than enough every month.

Health?  Check.  An autoimmune condition cleared up miraculously over the course of a week.  No medical explanation.  I was healed, and healthier than I’d ever been.

Friends?  Check.  The negative people in my life cleared out, and they were replaced by people who lifted me up, supported me, and helped me to grow as a woman.

Career?  Check.  Goodbye hourly freelance position… hello salary and benefits!

At every twist and turn, I chose to believe that this intangible “God” would carry me through.  I’d have “faith” that He loved me so much.  Trusting that He would see that all of my needs were met, and in turn, I’d tell others that He provides and loves us.

Now, God is no longer a theory in my life.  He is a truth, having proved Himself when I committed to choosing joy, hope, and faith.  When I give Him glory, He rewards me.  That is an honest truth.

It’s a truth I can’t prove with a face you can see, or a person you can touch… however, there is evidence, as inexplicable and circumstantial as it may be, the evidence states that He is real.

Being who I am, I see the truth in black and white.  There’s no doubt that God is real.


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