The Engagement

WHHAAAA?! I’m engaged y’all!

I’ve gotten a lot of messages about “How did he propose?!”

So…. Okay – twist my arm, I’ll tell y’all the story!

Chandler and I had each planned part of a very romantic date night in which we agreed to go all out, and gussy up for the event!  I’ve been trying to get him into a fancy-schmancy suit for awhile and this was a perfect night to do so.

I donned a simple black dress and heels, spent an obscene amount of time de-frizzing my hair, and even put effort into my makeup.  (Self-care y’all, it ain’t my thing).  Kind of a big deal.

Chandler wore a classic suit (without the tie) and styled his hair.  Dang he looked so good!  Black pants with a white dress shirt, and a black jacket.

We looked sharper and more well put together than ever before.  (We’re gamers.  We like our flannel pants and gamer tee’s).  I am pretty proud of how sharp we looked!  We got lots of compliments!

Our date started with a sushi dinner at Rays in the City. We each ordered alcohol, 3 plates of sushi and sat next to a really nice aquarium full of interesting fish. Service was great, the food was uhh-freakin’-mazing, and it wasn’t a restaurant on top of a 72 story building like he’d led me to believe leading up to walking in! (I was so relieved! Heights suck).

Dinner ended, and we walked over to the Skyview Atlanta. The skyview is a 40+ story high ferris wheel with climate controlled capsules (the perfect way to escape the gosh awful Atlanta heat). Here I received a rose, we had our photos taken, and we sat in the VIP room until our capsule was called up.

I’m afraid of heights (just in case I hadn’t made this obvious) but the Skyview is too good a thing to miss! It sits in the middle of downtown Atlanta and from every angle inside the Skyview, you get to experience the skyline around you, right above Centennial Park. It’s stunning! And worth every bit of the anxiety!

The ride ended, and we walked across the street where we jumped into a horse drawn carriage! Sadly, the ride was only a few blocks, so it was over way too soon. But fun none the less.  We had our pictures taken, and of course the horse decided we needed a bath right in that exact moment! Hehehe! Oh well.

Our date night ended with a trip to Ted’s Montana Grill where we enjoyed desert! I ordered new york cheesecake topped with wild berries, and Chan enjoyed an IBC Root Beer float. So so so so goooooood!

We walked back to our car, tipped an amazing alley-way homeless country singer, and made our way home.

We were exhausted, but our feet were hurting.  We changed into our pj’s, headed over to the pool and let our feet soak in the cold chlorine for a solid 10 minutes.  Completed a crossword puzzle, and made our way back to the loft.

“Let’s play a game!” suggested Chan.

“Sure, I’m up for some Heroes of the Storm” I replied.

Heroes of the Storm is the online game by Blizzard that he’s been teaching me to play!  Quite addictive, and our recent activity.  That night, he wanted to play a board game, so we pulled out Carcassonne (a recent favorite of ours).

I pulled out the game, and was dumping the pieces out of a small bag while asking him which color he wanted to be.   That’s when something caught my eye, I looked over, and there was the ring!

I couldn’t believe it!  I stopped thinking and Chan says I did a double take from the ring to his face!  Haha!  I didn’t even pick it up!  My words were “Wait… what?! Really?!!!”

This is when Chan picked up the ring, and got down on one knee.

He very formally and properly asked me if I would marry him.  Of course I said yes!

After a fair amount of cuddling, smooching, joking about how he waited till I was in my PJ’s… and a couple of phone calls later – the happy tears subsided and I went to finally set up our game.

“Ready to play?” I asked.

“Nah, actually I want to play Heroes of the Storm tonight.”

Best. Fiancée. Ever.


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